lunch or dining establishments that are more casual than restaurants

Bistro, Brasserie, Restaurant? What's the difference?

A Brasserie is usually a large, bustling place with a traditional menu, where the food is good, but not necessarily served in the way of Michelin starred restaurants. In general, brasseries are open all day long, all days of the week.

A Bistro is a smaller and more personal restaurant with the intentions of creating original imaginative dishes. They aren't necessarily open all day or all days of the week.

Restaurant is a generic term for places that serve food, including Brasseries and Bistros.

Best spots


Bistro Berlage

Recently opened modern bar and lunch/dinner restaurant on historic site

Beursplein 1 / Dam Square


Café, Bar & Grill at The Hoxton, open from early morning until late at night

Herengracht 255 / Canal Belt


traditional Dutch cuisine restyled for today's gourmet

Zuid / De Pijp


Café Modern  

stylish restaurant bistronomique with charming, small hotel  on 2nd floor

Meidoornweg 2 / Volewijck