Restaurant Vinkeles

contemporary French cuisine at The Dylan


Vinkeles Amsterdam - restaurant area with open kitchen

Acclaimed restaurant situated in The Dylan Hotel. Vinkeles' romantic hotel garden terrace is a hidden gem in the city.

The historic and intimately designed setting of The Dylan forms the perfect backdrop for a romantic fine dining experience.

Formerly the bakery of the Roman Catholic Old and Poor People's Office; which was set up in 1787 by the Regents, who then owned the building. The bakery flourished until 1811 and guests still can see the original ovens, which were discovered intact during restoration work.

Vinkeles has been open since 2006.

On the menu

Roast Bresse pigeon, Seabream, North Sea crab, Duck liver, Turbot, Dover sole, Scallops, Dutch venison,.. and more .


Vinkeles is situated at one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, the Keizersgracht, and close to The 9 Streets.


Vinkeles has only 9 tables, so it can be difficult to book, so book a table  in advance via the restaurant's official website. You can also call +31 20 530 2010.

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