Indonesian restaurants

fine Amsterdam restaurants that serve delicious Indonesian food

Only restaurants that serve freshly made food and have a good reputation appear on this list. They have good reviews and are visited by locals.

The Indonesian rice table (rijsttafel) is a Dutch invention that dates back to colonial times. To impress their guests Dutch people in Indonesia served as many dishes on the table at once, with a lot of cooks and servants involved.

Rice table   Rijsttafel

White rice is the basis of a traditional Indonesian meal, partly because of the soothing and calming effect it has on spicy dishes. It ensures that you fully enjoy the luxury of a rijsttafel, with dishes like:

sambal goreng tempe   fried soya bean

babi kecap   sweet pork with soya sauce

nasi goreng   fried rice

emping   nut chips

pisang goreng   fried banana

gado gado   dish of fresh vegetables with peanut sauce

sate ajam   skewered chicken with a peanut dressing

sate domba   skewered lamb with a peanut dressing

ikan pepesan   spicy fish steamed in a bananaleaf

the best Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam

vrouw met baard

De Vrouw met de Baard

living room serving soul food, mix of Asian fusion, French, old-school Indonesian and Indian dishes.

Centrum / Haarlemmerbuurt


Kantjil & de Tijger  

Nice restaurant offering very good selection of authentic, spicy Indonesian food specialities

Centrum / Spui


Sama Sebo

one of the oldest and best Indonesian restaurants in Holland

Zuid / Museumplein



authentic Indonesian dishes in a modern, red-coloured decor

Zuid / Oud-Zuid


Lunchroom Lastig 

neighborhood lunchroom that feels like a living room

Oost / Watergraafsmeer


Blue Pepper 

small, cosy restaurant near Leidseplein with good reviews that offers also dinner boat cruises.

West / Oud-West



great eatery to go for a good Sate skewer, very authentic

Centrum / Spui

mades warung

Made's Warung  

Very good and affordable Balinese eatery with high quality food in a posh neighbourhood

Zuid / Oud-Zuid


Long Pura  

like eating out with a friendly Indonesian family, with waiters wearing colorful traditional clothes.

Centrum / Jordaan