De 9 Straatjes   The 9 Streets

small interesting individual shops


The 9 Streets offers a mix of trendy, antique, modern, luxury, cheap, second-hand, and other small interesting stores.

Reestraat - Hartenstraat - Gasthuismolensteeg - Berenstraat - Wolvenstraat - Oude Spiegelstraat - Runstraat - Huidenstraat - Wijde Heisteeg

The 9 Little Streets

De 9 Straatjes, 'The 9 Little Streets' in English, is a collective name given to the 9 cosy and picturesque shopping streets in the Unesco Heritage listed Amsterdam Canal Belt. These 9 little streets run between Raadhuisstraat and Leidsestraat, just a few minutes walk from the Royal Palace at Dam Square. This little district with its small, original and exclusive boutiques forms a charming neighborhood with a great, bustling atmosphere.

De 9 Straatjes has become the trendiest place to shop and really just to wander around as every street corner and bridge crossing is picturesque. It is an insanely charming sub-neighborhood in central Amsterdam divided between nine little streets filled with exquisite shops and cafés.

De 9 Straatjes Shopping Route

Take a walk, for example, through the following streets.

Starting from Dam Square you walk along the left side of the Royal Palace, just follow the Paleisstraat, and keep walking. When you cross the first bridge across the Singel you are in Gasthuismolensteeg.


On the left at number 8 you will see Waxwell Records , offering a diverse and unique selection of used and new Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, Reggae and Pop records for DJ's, record collectors and music enthusiasts.

Candles, scented oils and incense

Two bridges further in Reestraat number 20 you will find a remarkable shop. If you are looking for some ritual and spiritual candles, incense sticks, resin incense or a special scented oil Kramer-Pontifex  is the place for you. You have never seen so many different types of candles before. The store houses another remarkable and unusual service: a Doll hospital (Poppen & Berendokter ), for all repairs to antique and new dolls or stuffed animals.

Spanish ceramics

On the left at number 21 you will find Terra , a collection of traditional and self-designed handmade shoes, bags and ceramics from different parts of Spain. Espadrilles are available in all sizes, colors, fabrics and styles.

You have now arrived at Prinsengracht. Turn left until you reach the next bridge across Prinsengracht.

Next generation intimate wellness

If you turn left into Berenstraat, you will quite soon (no. 41) see Fannie , a one-stop shop for all things intimate for women, from lingerie to travel bullet vibrators.

Affordable leather bags and wallets

Right next to it is Smaak , a typically Amsterdam brand for fashionistas with a true passion for bags, on your right-hand side. Smaak is now rapidly expanding into Europe, with Dutch celebrities wearing its beautiful and colourful handbags.

Seductive lingerie

In the same street at number 18 a famous Dutch lingerie designer has her own lingerie store: marlies|dekkers store . Her Signature collection has been designed for the self-confident, seductive modern-day woman who never fails to express her sense of femininity.

Chock-full of Levi's trousers

If you like vintage clothing you should not miss the trendsetting shop Episode . At Episode, the collection of nice clothes with good quality is much larger than at any other second-hand clothing shop. Episode's shop at Berenstraat 1 is brimming with Levi's trousers, sports jerseys and more.

Buttons, nothing but buttons

The Jordaan neighbourhood is mainly known for its small specialised shops. As London has the world renowned Button Queen and New York its own Tender Buttons, so Amsterdam has its own buttonshop, De Knopenwinkel , situated at Herengracht 389. This shop sell buttons, nothing but buttons, a staggering variety of buttons.

Beads and cheese

One bridge back at Herengracht turn left again. You are now walking through Huidenstraat with at number 6 Beadies  (De Kralenwinkel). The next street is Runstraat, where De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam  is situated at number 7. This shop is filled from floor to ceiling with a huge variety of the finest Dutch cheeses.

Runstraat fashion street

Many Amsterdam fashion brands have their flagship store in this connection street between Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht: Meet Me There , an Amsterdam clothing brand for young girls (at number 9), OU. Boutique  (at number 8), Ganni  (at number 17), Lestrange  (at number 22), Obey Clothing  (at number 25) and FUI  (at number 28).

Art & Antiques

We cross Prinsengracht once more and arrive at Looiersgracht. We continue through Looiersgracht and via the back door at number 128 (the front entrance is on Elandsgracht 109) we come to the last part of this shopping route: Antiekcentrum Amsterdam  (Antiques Centre Amsterdam), formerly known as 'De Looier'. The biggest imaginable variety of items has been brought together here.


Reestraat by night, where inn former days the trade in animal skins used to take place. The street is now part of De 9 Straatjes.


Although not actually part of the Jordaan Quarter, De 9 Straatjes are often seen as part of this cosy neighborhood.

Its rich historical background makes this quarter one of the most attractive areas of the city. The Jordaan is a 17th-century working class district with its own traditions and its own informal and relaxed atmosphere with narrow streets, picturesque canals, brown cafes, art galleries and unique shops.

Antiques Centre Amsterdam    Elandsgracht 109

A large, covered market where arts, antiques or bric-a-brac are displayed and sold. You can roam around the glassware, porcelain, ceramics, jewellery, gold and silver, furniture, paintings, prints, mirrors, clocks, ornaments, enamel, pewter and antique toys.