Night buses

traveling at night in Amsterdam

GVB operates public transport services 24 hours a day. After the regular daytime services have ended, a special network of 11 night buses  serves all parts of Amsterdam.


Night bus 748 at Station Sloterdijk

The trams, buses and metro lines run from 06:00 in the morning to just after midnight. The last trams leave Central Station at 12:15.

After that (between 00.30 and 07:30 in the morning) there is an hourly service of night buses.

Tickets for the night bus

A ticket (price €5.40) for the night bus is available as a paper ticket from the driver, at all Ticket Vending Machines  and at a GVB Service Point  beforehand. For 1.5 hours, you can make unlimited transfers to all GVB night buses.

Night bus network map


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