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Tickets and prices

The ticket system in Amsterdam is rather complicated. There are 5 ways to pay for your trip.
Find out what the cheapest ticket is for you to purchase.

  1. OV-chipkaart
  2. Prepurchased public transport travel cards (OV-chipkaart ) are significantly cheaper than buying your ticket on the tram or bus, but they have a one-time price (application fee) of €7.50 and are complicated to order. Therefore, for visitors it is more convenient to opt for one of the other payment methods.

  3. 1-hour ticket   a paper travel ticket
  4. With an 1-hour ticket  you can travel for 1 hour on all tram, bus and metro lines.
    Price: €3.40

  5. Multi-day tickets
  6. For unlimited travel in Amsterdam by bus, tram and metro; for the number of days (up to 7 days) that best suit your plans.


      €9.00   1 day 
    €15.00   2 days 
    €21.00   3 days 
    €26.50   4 days 
    €33.00   5 days 
    €37.50   6 days 
    €41.00   7 days 

    A children's day ticket  (4-11 years) is available for a reduced fare of €4.50.

  7. OVpay New
  8. OVpay  ⟩   Check in and out with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile to travel by bus, tram, metro or train. No registration is necessary. You pay the same travel fares you would if you were using an OV-chipkaart. When you check into a bus, tram or metro, you always pay a boarding fee of €1,08. The costs will be in your bank transfer statement the next day, along with a website link and code to get your travel itinerary.

  9. OVpay app New
  10. Download the free OVpay app in Google Play  or the App Store . Add a debit or credit card to the OVpay app (only once!). Use your mobile phone to check in (at the start of your journey) and out (at the end of your journey).

Where to buy tickets?

The 1-hour ticket and 24-hour ticket are available in the tram and bus, or from Ticket Vending Machines at all metro stations.

All other travel cards - like multi-day tickets, the child ticket, and OV-chipkaart - can only be purchased at:

  1. GVB Service Points
  2. GVB Service & Tickets
  3. Amsterdam Tourist Offices (VVV)
  4. Webshop   for OV-chip card or OVpay

How to use the OV-chipkaart?

It is important that you always check in and check out of each vehicle. This includes when transferring. To check in, just hold your card in front of the card reader. These are located at all the entrance and exit doors of trams and buses.

When leaving the tram or bus, you should check out by holding your card in front of the card reader once again. In the metro hold your card in front of the metro gate to open the metro gate. When transferring by metro you do not have to check out, and check in again in between your journey. You should only check out at the end of your metro journey.