IJ Waterfront

Western & Eastern Docklands

Centered on Centraal Station and stretching east and west along both banks of the River IJ, this fast-redeveloping area includes artificial islands, warehouses, and other installations of Amsterdam's old harbor.

The new harbor lies west of the city in the Westpoort district.


IJhaven during Sail Amsterdam 2015, with in the middle Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Bimhuis, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and Mövenpick Hotel

Admire new architecture of Amsterdam around the IJ

A shiny new kind of Amsterdam is taking shape on parts of this waterfront where old disused shipping wharfs, dockside warehouses and industrial estates have been demolished and are being replaced by a new urban zone with modern apartments, modern offices and cultural institutions.

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, the EYE Film Museum, the modern architecture at the Eastern Docklands: every so often comes a new eye-catcher. Amsterdam-Noord (the northern part of Amsterdam) with the former NDSM wharf is also emerging rapidly.

Other main attractions at the IJ Waterfront are the National Maritime Museum, East Indiaman Amsterdam, NEMO and Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.

Cruise ships

A spectacular building with a beautiful lofty hall is the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) , where large cruiseships dock during the summer, but which is used as a venue for cultural events during the winter.

There are many mooring facilities for touring boats and inland cruise operations. Every year over 100 sea cruise ships and more than 700 river cruise ships are ariving in this part of the city and their number is growing.

Panoramic tower

Also new is the in 2016 opened A'DAM Toren, a 22-story building that formerly housed Shell and now a tower of creativity with a restaurant, hotel, club and office floors.

A'DAM Lookout on the top floor is an open air observation deck which features panoramic views of the city and a swingset for adults where you can swing out over the edge of the building.

districts map

Where is the IJ Waterfront?

The IJ Waterfront (IJ-oever) consists of the following areas:

  • Western Docklands (Westelijke Eilanden)
  • Eastern Docklands (Oostelijke Eilanden)
  • the central Railway Station Island (Stationseiland)
  • the old harbour Eastern Dock (Oosterdok)
  • the northern banks of the River IJ
The northern banks of the River IJ are located in Amsterdam Noord and can be reached easily and conveniently by ferry.

nearby accommodation and restaurants

main attractions and sights on the IJ Waterfront