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Cinemas in Amsterdam

Tuschinski Theater Tuschinski (1918-1921)
The theatre where Abraham Tuschinski started in 1911. Approximately 600,000 people go to watch film here each year, not to mention thousands who specially visit the theatre to admire its splendour.

EYE Film Institute
The National center of cinematography, located opposite Amsterdam's Centraal Station on the banks of the River IJ.

De Filmhallen
Brand new cinema with 9 rooms. Room 7 is the beautiful art-deco design interior decorations of the original Cinema Parisien (dating back to 1909) which is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

Amsterdam's main movie theaters and their profile

Built in a spectacular mix of styles: Amsterdam School, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The main auditorium is usually the one in which movies premiere in the Netherlands. programme

classics, children's films, historical documentaries, underground productions and new films from all over the world. These films can often only be seen in the Filmmuseum. programme

Cinema De Balie
short retrospectives, thematic festivals and special import movies. programme

What's up in Amsterdam's movie theaters?

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