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Spiegelkwartier with the Rijksmuseum in the background

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, Spiegelgracht

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat runs between the world-famous Rijksmuseum and Keizersgracht, its history goes back as far as the 17th century. In this historic neighborhood with its typical old Dutch houses about 100 art specialists have their galleries, offices and stores.


Centre of art and antique stores

In and around this street with its many characteristic Amsterdam facades more than 70 art and antique dealers have set up business. These specialists offer a wide range of objects, ranging from Egyptian antiquities which are 6,000 years old to seventeenth-century Delft ware, from antique Chinese porcelain to abstract modern art. You name it, it is for sale in the Spiegelkwartier. This makes the Spiegelkwartier a must-see quarter for those with an eye for the unique, rare and beautiful.

Art and antique stores shopping route

Start your walk at Leidseplein and turn left into Weteringschans.

After a 5-minute walk you will see the Rijksmuseum on your right. Turn left; you are now in the Spiegelkwartier District.

You will find the first antique stores here. At the corner of Weteringschans and Spiegelgracht you will see art store Famous Amsterdam on the right in the Museum Plaza building; on the left-hand corner there is Reflex Gallery  which sells contemporary art.

Reflex Modern Art Gallery on the corner of Weteringschans and Spiegelgracht

If you keep on walking you will get to Keizersgracht. Turn left there and you will find yourself in familiar territory, in Leidsestraat.

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Renssen Art Gallery

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 44 (Spiegelkwartier)


Reflex Gallery

Modern and contemporary art, representing young and established artists

Weteringschans 79 A (Leidseplein)


De Schildercamer

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 33 (Spiegelkwartier)


Jaski Gallery

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29 (Spiegelkwartier)


Kramer Arts & Antiques

Dutch tiles from the year 1600 until now, Bartmann jug, Rummers, glass- and crystal, jewellery, silverware, archaeological finds, antique clocks and watches, books prints and paintings, gold and silver, new and antique Delft Blue ware, lamps, Asian porcelain.

Prinsengracht 807 (Spiegelkwartier)


Villa del Arte Amsterdam

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 38 (Spiegelkwartier)


Antiekcentrum Amsterdam

Elandsgracht 109 (Jordaan)


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