De Nieuwe Kerk   New Church

the second oldest church in Amsterdam

In 1380 the bishop of Utrecht gave permission to build the church because De Oude Kerk (Old Church) had grown too small for the growing population of the city.


De Nieuwe Kerk (1380-1408) is located on Dam Square next to the Royal Palace

De Nieuwe Kerk belongs to the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) and is located in the middle of the city centre at Dam Square next to the Royal Palace.

Monuments to naval heroes

De Nieuwe Kerk is also a burial site for famous Dutch naval heroes, including Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, Commodore Jan van Galen and Jan van Speyk. The poet and playwright Joost van den Vondel is also buried in the church.

De Nieuwe Kerk is no longer used for church services but is used as an exhibition space. The monumental church building is well worth visiting.

Official ceremonies

Each year the national Remembrance Day service on 4 May takes place in this 15th century church. It is also the place where royal coronations take place. In 1980, Queen Beatrix was officially inaugurated in the Nieuwe Kerk, and on 2 February 2002 (02-02-02) it was used for the wedding of King Willem-Alexander to Queen Máxima.

Exhibition space

De Nieuwe Kerk is a popular exhibition venue with about 500,000 visitors per year and high-profile exhibitions  about art, photography, and inspiring individuals and cultures.

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nieuwe kerk
De Nieuwe Kerk's main organ with the shutters open is the largest historic organ in the Netherlands
nieuwe kerk
The Wilhelmina stained glass window commemorates the inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina in 1898. Photo: Evert Elzinga
nieuwe kerk
De Nieuwe Kerk's beautiful interior
nieuwe kerk
Marble monument to Michiel de Ruyter, the Netherlands' greatest naval hero (1681)
nieuwe kerk
nieuwe kerk
nieuwe kerk
The beautiful, brass choir screen, made in 1654 by Johannes Lutma, is one of the highlights of the interior. It is used as a décor during inaugural ceremonies of the head of state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
nieuwe kerk
The wedding of crown prince Willem-Alexander to princess Máxima in De Nieuwe Kerk on 2 February 2002