Why Amsterdam?

6 reasons to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of canals and bridges, bikes and trams, works by Old Masters, cosy neighborhoods and brown cafes. It has world-renowned museums and is known as a tolerant and open-minded city, which allows for the Red Light District and the coffee shops. As you walk the streets, you can feel the rich history of the city in everything around you.

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Enjoy Amsterdam,
its culture, history, and beauty!


Amsterdam has a very special charm and is renown as a lively, cosmopolitan city with humane dimensions. The historic center recalls Amsterdam's Golden Age as the command post of a vast trading network and colonial empire, when wealthy merchants constructed gabled residences along neatly laid-out canals.



Museums are the main tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Famous are the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. But there is much more; Amsterdam has over 60 museums which attract millions of visitors each year.


Amsterdam has got almost 6,500 monuments, including churches, bridges, gables, and city furniture. Together they form one of the most important historic city centres in the world. Important monuments include city views, such as on the Nieuwmarkt or the Jordaan neighbourhood, centres such as Magna Plaza, de Bijenkorf, canal houses and many others.


The city will quickly capture you in its spell, especially at night, when many of the more than 1,200 bridges spanning the 160 canals are lit with tiny lights that give them a fairy-tale appearance.


Perhaps Amsterdam's greatest asset is its inhabitants. Many speak English fluently and virtually all are friendly to visitors. Plop yourself down amid the nicotine-stained walls of a brown cafe to enjoy a beer or a jenever (gin), and you'll soon find yourself chatting with an amiable Amsterdammer.