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Broek in Waterland - Amsterdam

Broek in Waterland - Het Schouw - Buiksloot - Amsterdam CS

From Broek in Waterland returning to Amsterdam

⟩ 10.5 km By Bike

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Broek in Waterland Broek in Waterland Broek in Waterland Broek in Waterland

Route instructions

  1. Start in Broek in Waterland (North) at Pancake House De Witte Swaen , Dorpsstraat 11-13, Broek in Waterland (opened from noon) or Lunchroom Broeck, Laan 46, Broek in Waterland.
  2. Cycle to the main road (N247) and turn right. Follow the cycle track next the main road in the direction of Amsterdam.
  3. Cross the bridge after 70 m and turn right onto the dike 'Broekermeerdijk' alongside the canal.
  4. The lake on your right hand side is named 'Het Havenrak', the former harbour of this very rich village. In wintertime it has a picturesque skating track in front of Broek in Waterland.

  5. Follow the dike for about 3 km. Cross the viaduct at 'Het Schouw and continue onto 'Kanaaldijk'.
  6. Take the ferry (ferry Pontje Landsmeer - Het Schouw) after 200 m to cross the canal (Noordhollandsch Kanaal).
  7. LFroute
  8. After you get ashore head southwest on Kanaaldijk and follow the canal all the way until the ferry opposite Amsterdam Central Station (about 7 km). Just follow the signs of long distance cycle route LF7 Oeverlandroute (River Bank Route).
  9. Buiksloot, Amsterdam-Noord, ancient chalkmill De Admiraal
  10. You will pass underneath 2 viaducts, first the highway RING A10 and then 'IJdoornlaan' road at BovenIJ Hospital.
  11. You'll also pass an ancient chalk mill 'Krijtmolen d'Admiraal' from 1792.
  12. A short moment after the mill you see on the left a lock with a bridge (sluis), leading to the old dike 'Buiksloterdijk' with its old characteristic wooden houses with bell-shaped gables.

    On your right hand side you can see the church tower of the former village of Buiksloot.

  13. Cross 'Buiksloterdijk' and continue on the cycling track along the canalside (by still following all the way the LF7 cycle route).
  14. On you right side you pass a park (Noorderpark) with swimmingpool (Noorderparkbad).
  15. Ferry across the lake IJ
  16. Continue the LF7 route and after 1 km you see in front of you the A'DAM Toren (former Shell headquarters) and on the left side the Sixhaven, a marina near the centre of Amsterdam.
  17. You are now at the IJ River. A short ferry trip (ferry 901 or 907) brings you back to Amsterdam Centraal Station.


Waterland is the area north from Amsterdam. It is surrounded by the cities Purmerend, Edam and Volendam. The countryside (Waterland) is very suitable for cycling. Waterland has an extensive network of cycling paths.

Waterland's landscape is a balanced combination of the famous Dutch 'polder' landscape and charming small villages, like Broek in Waterland, Zunderdorp, Schellingwoude, Durgerdam, Ransdorp, Holysloot, Uitdam and Zuiderwoude.

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