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Cycling route to Broek in Waterland - Click on the map for more details.


Historical wooden houses at Nieuwendammerdijk in Nieuwendam (8) (9)


Baptist Church (from 1843) at Nieuwendam (10)

A bicycle can be rent at several bike rentals near Centraal Station.

Route description

  1. Leave Central Station on the north side near the north side entrance/exit gate. You are now in front of the IJ River, the harbour of Amsterdam.
  2. Take Ferry F2 for cycles to IJplein (Amsterdam-Noord). Be sure that you have the right one!
  3. Directly after you got ashore, go straight ahead to Meeuwenlaan.
  4. Stay on Meeuwenlaan until you see 'Dirk van den Broek' supermarket on the right side.   Tip You could buy here some provisions (food and beverages) for your tour.
  5. You are still on Meeuwenlaan when you pass a big roundabout, and then, on your right hand side, you see Bredero College, a school building.
  6. Directly after the school, turn right and enter the park 'WH Vliegenbos' in the direction of the camping site.
  7. Follow the signs of 'Schellingwoude' Cycle Route. Pass on your left hand side Camping Vliegenbos. Directly after the camping you go to the left, still folowing the signs 'Schellingwoude' route.
  8. If everything went fine you leave the park and you arrive, with a slight slope, after 100 m at 'Nieuwendammerdijk', an old dike with historical wooden houses that are very characteristic for the Waterland region.
  9. On Nieuwendammerdijk, go to the right, and follow the dike road for only 150 m.
  10. Turn left down the slope into 'Meerpad' and pass by the small charming wooden Baptist Church (Doopsgezinde Gemeente).
  11. At the end the road makes an angle to the left, turn right, cross the brick bridge, and turn right again to arrive on the cycle path.
  12. Follow the gravel coloured cycle path, underneath the viaduct. When you arrive at the waterside, turn left, and after a while you'll cross 'Werengouw' main road, take care of the traffic.
  13. On your left you see a large parking place of shopping mall 'Boven 't IJ'. Continue on the 'Baanakkerspad' bike path along the water side and through Baanakkerspark.
  14. The bike path ends at 'JH van Heekpad', turn right. The bridge is behind you.
  15. Turn left onto Jisperveldstraat.
  16. Turn left onto Beemsterstraat and cycle under the A10 motorway.
  17. After 500m turn right at the cycle route signs and cross the water. You are now heading to the village with church of Zunderdorp.
  18. Bike through the village and turn right at the end of the road onto Het Voorwerf.
  19. Follow Broekergouw road and - after 1.7km (halfway through Broekergouw) - turn left into the cycle path through the grasslands.
  20. After 1km you arrive at Kruisweg. Cross the road and continue onto the cycle path.
  21. After 120m turn left and bike across the ditch.
  22. Turn right onto Eilandweg.
  23. After 200m turn left and cross the charming, white drawbridge.
  24. Take the pedestrian tunnel under the road, and turn left onto Parallelweg and Dorpsstraat.
  25. After 200m you have reach Havenrak, the small harbour of the historic village of Broek in Waterland.

From here you have a nice view over the village with its church, canals and charming wooden houses.

Tip Return to Amsterdam via a different cycle route


It is recommended to take a little ride through the streets of the ancient village of Broek in Waterland and its beautiful wooden houses and church. It is really worth to do some sightseeing.

Eat & drink

If you are hungry and thirsty you can visit the charming pancake house De Witte Swaen  or restaurant Het Broeker Huis .

For a quick lunch or if you want to taste savoury Dutch snacks - like French fries with mayonnaise, Bitterballen, Kroket, Frikandel - head to Cafetaria De Rob .


Private guesthouses offering bed & breakfast are available in pitoresque Broek in Waterland at Inn on the Lake  or spend the night in the countryside in Zunderdorp  at a distance of 3km from Broek in Waterland.


Picturesque ditch in Broek in Waterland



Waterland is the area north from Amsterdam. It is surrounded by the village of Marken and the cities Purmerend, Edam and Volendam. The countryside Waterland is very suitable for cycling. It has an extensive network of cycling paths.

Waterland's landscape is a balanced combination of the famous Dutch 'polder' landscape and charming small villages, like Broek in Waterland, Zunderdorp, Schellingwoude, Durgerdam, Ransdorp, Holysloot, Uitdam and Zuiderwoude.

⟨⟨   Waterland is known for its typical Dutch 'polder' landscape with ditches, cows, network of cycle routes and historic houses