Alkmaar Cheese Market

lively spectacle by local farmers and cheese merchants dressed in traditional costumes


Historic square in Alkmaar where cheeses are carried by porters in traditional dress, and weighed and inspected as in the old days


Alkmaar Cheese Market is held on the Waagplein in front of the medieval Waaggebouw

37 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal

Kaasmarkt Alkmaar

40 km from Amsterdam

train Station Alkmaar
directions_bike 43.8 km

Opening hours*
Fri 10:00 - 13:00

 * From April to September

Entrance fee

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Market traders and farmers negotiate the cheese price through the cheese bargaining method of clapping hands.

The characteristic canals, countless monuments and charming cafés, restaurants and shops make Alkmaar a very diverse city. Above all else however, Alkmaar is most famous for its cheese.

Alkmaar is also a fantastic shopping city. Be sure not to miss the small and unique boutiques in the little side streets between the main shopping streets Laat and Langestraat.

Taste-testing and weighing of cheese

The Alkmaar Cheese Market has been a tradition for over 6 centuries*. The spectacle takes place every Friday from April to September on the Waagplein, a square in the centre of Alkmaar. The medieval Waag (weighing house), a historic building, serves as the backdrop for the market.

During the school holidays, a special children's cheese market is held, where children can sample the cheeses for themselves.

Clapping hands

The market begins early in the morning, and local farmers and merchants dressed in traditional costumes transport the cheese using hand barrows and wooden sledges. They demonstrate the traditional methods of weighing and trading the cheese, using a system of hand claps to finalize each transaction.

* Alkmaar cheese trading started in 1365.

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