Art Galleries

Akinci Gallery Lijnbaansgracht 317, Amsterdam (Centrum)
reflecting the diversity of communication means within contemporary visual art.

Arps & Co Arubastraat 1, Amsterdam (De Baarsjes / West)
Fine Arts since 1902

Art Singel 100 Singel 100, Amsterdam (Canal Belt / Centrum)
Contemporary art gallery led by Pepa Santoplaria

Arti et Amicitiae Rokin 112, Amsterdam (Spui / Centrum)
a society of artists and art lovers, organizing interesting visual arts exhibitions

Artissima Cornelis Schuytstraat 16, Amsterdam (Zuid)
Contemporary and modern art gallery

Beeldend Gesproken Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23, Amsterdam (De Hallen / West)
Beeldend Gesproken works exclusively for professional artists with a psychiatric background

Borzo Gallery Keizersgracht 516, Amsterdam (Canal Belt)
Contemporary art gallery. Among the artists of Collection d'Art gallery you may find important names as Germans: Georg Baselitz, Markus Lüpertz; living in Belgium painter Ysbrant and important Dutch painters of older generation: Ger Lataster and Co Westerik.

Braggiotti Gallery Singel 424 (Canal Belt)
Amsterdam's Braggiotti Gallery specializes in Dutch and International contemporary glass art. The gallery is located in the center on the Singel Canal, one block from the flower market. Open Wednesday - Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 or by appointment.

Carla Koch, Gallery Prinsengracht 510 (Centrum, Canal Belt)
Gallery Carla Koch specializes in modern art with an accent on ceramics and glass.

Chiellerie Gallery Amsterdam Raamgracht 58 (Leidseplein)
do-it-yourself gallery

Clement, Galerie and Printshop Prinsengracht 843-845 (Centrum, Canal Belt)
A gallery and a shop with prints, with an accent on abstract art abstract. Among the artists of the gallery: Jan Cremer, Jeroen Henneman, Harrie Gerritz.

De Appel Schipluidenlaan 12D4, Amsterdam (Nieuw-West)
contemporary art institute with an experimental, open-minded and inclusive focus, that brings together people, objects and ideas to explore the unknown.

De Beeldenwinkel Berenstraat 29 (Centrum, Canal Belt)
small sculptures, mostly bronzes, exhibited on simple shelves

De Witte Voet Kerkstraat 135, Amsterdam (Centrum, Canal Belt)
De Witte Voet (The White Foot) is focused on modern ceramics. The owner Annemiek Boissevain describes the gallery's profile as 'actual art' so often exhibitions go beyond limitation of clay as the basic material.

Delaive, Gallery Nieuwe Spiegelgracht 23 (Centrum, Spiegelkwartier)
An impressive commercial art gallery guided by Nico Delaive, presenting already accepted Dutch and international artists. Among the artists whose works you may see at the Delaive Gallery are such big names as Sam Francis (paintings and works on paper), Yves Klein, Pablo Picasso (prints), Niki de Saint Phalle, Fontana, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall (prints), Karel Appel, Corneille, Pierre Alechinsky, Constant, Eugène Brands, Gerti Bierenbroodspot.

Droog Staalstraat 7a/b (Old Centre)
Set up in 1993 as a statement on design, Droog aims to bring all areas of design out to the public and present it in exhibitions, at fairs and events, through the internet and in stores, galleries and museums worldwide. Working from a mentality that is close to human, their products each tell a story about themes such as: memories, nostalgia, re-use, craftsmanship and nature.

Elisabeth Den Bieman De Haas - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 44 (Spiegelkwartier)
- An interesting personal selection of art by the owner Elisabeth Den Bieman De Haas, mostly from CoBrA movement (Corneille, Brands) but also other artists, mostly from the Netherlands but also from France and other countries. Small but artistically important gallery in the area of antic shops and galleries in a proximity of the Rijksmuseum - Spiegelkwartier.

Frans Jacobs, Gallery - Veembroederhof 119 (IJ Waterfront)
- Mainly concentrated on works of the 'Ecole de Paris' after 1945.

Galerie Bart - Elandsgracht 16, Amsterdam (Jordaan)
- acts as a breeding ground for new talent from one of the 12 art academies in the Netherlands

Galerie Binnen - Keizersgracht 82 (Canal Belt)
- design objects and furniture by mostly Dutch young designers

Galerie Mokum - Oudezijds Voorburgwal 334, Amsterdam (Old Centre, Centrum)
- still life paintings, portraits and expressionistic landscape paintings from well known realists from the Netherlands and from other countries

Galerie NU - Ceintuurbaan 320 (de Pijp)
- Paintings from Ans Schumacher, Herman Brood, Jorg Doring, Floyd Douglas, Espen Greger Hagen, Salvador Dali, Arnold van der Vlist, Jef Poldervaart, Peter Klashorst, Jacqueline Schafer, Clemens Briels, Jochum Hagen.

Galerie Petit - Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 270 (Old Centre)
- The Petit Gallery is located in a traditional Amsterdam house not far from the Historical Museum of Amsterdam. The gallery has the most complete selection of the Dutch graphic art, a huge stock of original prints by almost 80 Dutch artists it represents. Furthermore Galerie Petit presents exhibitions of paintings and prints. The owners couple, Ton and Dobs van Dijk put an accent on realism in their selection.

Galerie Rob Koudijs - Elandsgracht 12 (Jordaan)
- Room for New Jewellery

Galerie Roger Katwijk Prinsengracht 737, Amsterdam (Canal Belt)

Galerie RudolfV - Kerkstraat 427 (Canal Belt)

Gerhard Hofland Galleries - Bilderdijkstraat 165-c, Amsterdam (Oud-West / West)
- exhibitions of upcoming Dutch and German artists

Glasgalerie Kuhler - Prinsengracht 134, Amsterdam (Jordaan / Centrum)
- Located in the heart of the old Jordaan district, just across the canal from the Anne Frank House, Gallery Kuhler specializes in modern artistic glass.

GO Gallery - Prinsengracht 64, Amsterdam (Jordaan / Centrum)
- The GO Gallery has been tending more and more towards "Street Art", which is becoming increasingly popular in Holland. Artists such as The London Police, Laser 3.14 and SIT, regularly exhibit their art at GO Gallery.

Jaski Art Gallery - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29, Amsterdam (Spiegelkwartier)
- A known commercial gallery owned by the former Dutch tennis champion Tom Okker, who was ranked (ATP) among the World's Top Ten Singles players for seven consecutive years, 1968 thru 1974. Okker retired from tennis in 1980 and since 1988, Jaski Art Gallery has been established at the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. Jaski is specialized in CoBrA abstract movement with big names as Karel Appel, Corneille, Asger Jorn, C.H.Pedersen, Constant and Eugène Brands. Jaski Art Gallery regularly organizes exhibitions, some of them in collaboration with the Van der Togt museum and the CoBrA museum, both in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam. Jaski led by Okker together with Nico Koster has also an eye for post-CoBrA developments, and younger artists.

K&B - Sloterweg 1301 (Sloten)
- Located in a nice, old house in the old village of Sloten. K&B presents paintings and sculptures carefully selected by the owner, the former film distributor Hans Ecksteen and Jakop Maarschalk. Artists: Nelson Carrilho, José van Gool, Saskia Heuer, Diana Thiry, Anton Vrede, Christian Rotmann, Ena Lindenbaur, Klaus Zylla, and Fernando Pinheiro.

Klibansky Brand Store - P.C. Hooftstraat 35, Amsterdam (Oud-Zuid)
- Contemporary artist Joseph Klibansky's work examines the relationship between a thing and its essence, between what we see and what an image implies.

KochXBos Gallery Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36 (Jordaan)
contemporary underground art

Lieve Hemel - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 3 (Centrum, Spiegelkwartier)
- Specialized in the realistic contemporary Dutch paintings. The owners Koen and Yvonne Nieuwendijk put accent on traditional artistic craftsmanship. Often exhibitions of realistic sculptures and interesting ceramics and silver.

LionelGallery - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 64 (Centrum, Spiegelkwartier)
- modern and contemporary art by Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Banksy, Miro, Corneille, Matisse, Karel Appel, Lucebert.

Lughien - Reestraat 17, Amsterdam (Centrum, Canal Belt)
- A selection of contemporary decorative West European paintings, ceramics and sculptures carefully selected by the owner Mrs. Luchien C. Kraal.

LUX Photo Gallery - Het Sieraad, Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam (Baarsjes)
- A selection of contemporary decorative West European paintings, ceramics and sculptures carefully selected by the owner Mrs. Luchien C. Kraal.

Mackintosh Glass Design - Prinsengracht 300, Amsterdam (Centrum, Canal Belt)
- Unique hand-blown sinks, taps, lamps and window glass for doors and lanterns

Martin van Zomeren - Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam (Canal Belt)
- Contemporary art and photography, representing a growing number of international photographers, its main focus is documentary photography. Its mission is to be a global meeting place in the city of Amsterdam where people can enjoy photography of the highest quality.

Meneer Malasch - Postjesweg 2, Amsterdam (Baarsjes)
- A new center for visual arts with changing exhibitions, master classes, lectures, workshops, debates and live music with a secret message: Think Local, Act Global.

Mokum - Oudezijds Voorburgwal 334 (Old Centre)
- Mokum was the name given to Amsterdam centuries ago by Jews. The Mokum gallery used to be famous for its interest in the Dutch magical realism. Now still a very good collection of finest Dutch realistic paintings and often an interesting presentation of the artist working in realistic traditional way abroad as far as United States and China.

Reflex Modern Art Gallery - Weteringschans 79-a, Amsterdam (Centrum, Spiegelkwartier)
- Although directed to the large public, Reflex Art Gallery usually presents known international names, already recognized by its artistic quality as Appel, Arman, Berrocal, Boffil, Corneille. Reflex is located just 50 meters from the Rijksmuseum going direction the old centre of Amsterdam. The Reflex gallery led by Ria and Lex Daniëls is specialized in CoBrA, New Realism and Fluxus art movements.

Renssen Art Gallery Nieuwe Spiegelgracht 44 (Centrum, Spiegelkwartier)
The only artist-owned gallery in the Spiegelkwartier. Renssen's collection includes original oil paintings, sculpture, limited edition and unique works on paper. Renssen Art Gallery also sells high-quality lithographs, etchings, and pochoirs by Picasso.

Rize Gallery - Van Baerlestraat 6, Amsterdam (Oud-Zuid)
- photography, sculpture, painting and mixed media art of European and American artists.

Royal Gallery Amsterdam - Koningsstraat 37 (Nieuwmarkt, Old Centre)
- Hats, Bags, Fashion and Gifts, Design and Art.

Six Images - Boomstraat 6 (Jordaan)
- A tiny photographic gallery located in the picturesque area of the Jordaan district, showing on white walls exhibitions of photographers from Central and Eastern Europe. Usually only six original photographs are shown. The owner Mr. Michal Winiecki himself of Polish descent, has a good eye for selecting unknown young Polish, Russian and German photographers.

Smelik & Stokking - Prinsengracht 572 (Jordaan)
- Smelik & Stokking is an Amsterdam division of the well known in the Netherlands, existing for more than 35 years gallery in The Hague. The gallery conveniently situated in the Spiegelkwartier, is independently led by the owner Sander Rademakers. Smelik & Stokking has a good selection of contemporary West European sculptors and painters with such names among painters as Kevin Hendley, Aat Verhoog, France Wagner, Edwin Aafjes and sculptors: Kees Verkade, Odile Kinart, Gerard Brouwer, Dana Andreev, Francoise Abraham and many others. Apart from the interesting exhibitions, always a rich and interesting collection of art in stock.

Steltman - Prinsengracht 799, Amsterdam (Centrum - Spiegelkwartier)
- Steltman gallery is just a step from the Spiegelgracht - the antique shops street of Amsterdam, very near Riksmuseum. The owner, Gerrit Steltman is representing just a few internationally recognized artists with their works on display: Czech designer Borek Šipek, painters - Englishman Michael Parkes, Italians - Massimo Rao and Giovanni Tomassi Ferroni, Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

Studio Apart - Prinsengracht 715 (Canal Belt, Jordaan)
- Studio Apart has become one of Amsterdam's leading galleries and is currently a platform for both emerging and established Dutch and International contemporary artists whose work covers a wide spectrum regarding photography, painting, design and sculptures.

The Ravestijn Gallery - Westerdoksdijk 603-A, Amsterdam (IJ Waterfront)
- ambitious and provocative approaches to contemporary photography

Tjalf Sparnaay Gallery
- Tjalf Sparnaay paints in a classical way oil on canvas. In the best Dutch Tradition he realises the beauty of the commonplace. Because of the blow-up character he calls this Megarealism.

Torch - Lauriergracht 94, Amsterdam (Jordaan)
- Torch is one of the most famous new art galleries in Amsterdam, specialized in photography and new medias. To get the feeling of the experimental sense of humor of the gallery's owner Adriaan van der Have, visit Torch home page. American porn star turned photographer - Annie Sprinkle as well as famous pop stars photographer Anton Corbijn and former Nazi talented propaganda filmmaker, in modern times photographer - Leni Riefenstal exhibited here.

Vielieers, Galerie (Salon d'Art) - Herenstraat 23, Amsterdam (Jordaan)
- Based at the Herenstraat, a nice small street with several design, fashion and antique shops and some good small restaurants just across the street, Galerie Vielieers that also calls itself Salon d'Art, specializes in figurative oil paintings. The owner André Vielieers is mostly interested in paintings by artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, but sometimes paintings from Spain, US or England are on show at Vielieers. In the basement of the Vielieers gallery, you will find an interesting selection of paintings and small sculptures permanently in stock. On the gallery's website, you may see the live view of the gallery from a webcam.

Vroom & Varossieau - Willemsparkweg 134, Amsterdam (Zuid)
street art and urban contemporary art by internationally celebrated artists as well as emerging talent

WG Kunst Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28, Amsterdam (Oud-West / West)
contemporary visual art in a former hospital pavilion on the Wilhelmina Gasthuisterrein

WM Gallery - Elandsgracht 35, Amsterdam (Jordaan)
- Photographic gallery led by a known photographer Wanda Michalak, specializing in new international artistic developments in photography with an accent on the artist from Poland.

Wouter van Leeuwen, Galerie - Hazenstraat 27, Amsterdam (Jordaan)
- Wouter van Leeuwen simple, white walls gallery specializes in photography, presenting the biggest recognized names in contemporary photography. The selection of photographs, mostly black and white is amazing, often giving the visitor an opportunity to see the original prints of the world famous pictures. Among the photographers Wouter van Leeuwen permanently represents are big names like Sam Haskins, Frank Horvat, Melvin Sokolsky and Ellen von Unwerth.