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harbour and business area

Westpoort (Western Gateway or Western Port) is one of the 7 boroughs (stadsdelen) of Amsterdam. It is located in the north-western part of Amsterdam and covers the main harbour and industrial area of the city.

Amsterdam's western harbour area in Westpoort

Unlike the other Amsterdam boroughs, Westpoort has very few permanent inhabitants. It is rather an industrial area - with businesses, offices and industry - than a neighborhood.

Port of Amsterdam

The port of Amsterdam is the 4th busiest seaport in Europe. In the Dutch Golden Age the port was one of the main harbours of the Dutch East India Company. The port is located on the banks of the IJ and the North Sea Canal, that was dug between 1865 and 1876.

Port of Amsterdam is Europe's 4th largest port

The Port of Amsterdam is also the 3rd biggest cruise port in Europe with 140 sea cruise ships and 1500 river cruise ships. Almost 700,000 cruise passengers per year visit Amsterdam. Amsterdam has 2 cruise terminals: the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam in the city centre, and one behind the locks in IJmuiden.

From office area to urban district

The area around Sloterdijk Station transforms in full swing from office area to a mixed work and residential area. In the coming years 2,000 houses will be built in the surrounding of Station Sloterdijk. Recently many hotels have opened their doors in former office buildings.

New urban area around Station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Empty office buildings become huge tourist hotels.


The office environment is quite boring and you do not really feel like you're in Amsterdam, but it is very easy and convenient to travel to the city centre. It takes only 5 minutes by train to get to Centraal Station. Hotels near Station Sloterdijk in Westpoort are very cheap compared to hotels in Amsterdam city.

In summer, the Meininger hotel acts as a youth hostel. Large groups of teenagers - mostly from England, Germany, France and Spain - use the hotel as a base to discover Amsterdam.

In wintertime the hotels are not fully booked.

Tip for visitors: rent a bike

Rent a bike at one of the bicycle rentals in the old city of Amsterdam, take the ferry and visit and discover the beauty of the Amsterdam Waterland. The panorama is spectacular as you are able to view kilometers of meadows, water, shores, cane fields, dikes, villages and typical farmhouses.

Marvelous view on board of a cruise ship

Bike tour

Discover Waterland by bike → Waterland cycling route


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