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the highest office skyscraper of Amsterdam with 36 floors

Rembrandttoren (Rembrandt Tower) has a height of 135 metres (492 ft), but the spire extends its height to 150 metres. The design was partly inspired by the Empire State Building in New York. Over 55 companies are located in the Rembrandt Tower.

The building was designed by the architects Peter de Clercq Zubli and Tom van der Put. Its construction was completed in 1995.

Its - Amsterdam standards - unprecedented height was a turning point in thinking about high-rise near downtown Amsterdam. The design was realised only after it was proved circumstantially that the tower was standing next to the major sight lines of the city.

The tower is situated in business park "De Omval" in Amsterdam Oost, on a headland in the Amstel River, south of the Amstel Railway Station.

How to get there?

tram12 - stop Amstelstation
metro51, 53, 54 - stop Amstelstation
trainStation Amsterdam Amstel

Photo Tour - Modern Architecture

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  2. Rembrandt Tower
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City district

Amsterdam Oost,
Borneo-Sporenburg neighborhood