De Plantage

Amsterdam's cultural garden

De Plantage neighbourhood of Amsterdam has it all: it has history, green gardens, quietness, but also some nice cafés and restaurants for the local people who live here.


Entrance to the Hortus Botanicus / Photo: Bob Thomas

De Plantagebuurt

The stately Plantagebuurt is a very green area, which is located around the Artis Zoo. Most street names in the neighbourhood also start with the name Plantage. It is a quiet part of the city centre borough.

The Plantage neighbourhood was a Jewish neighbourhood for centuries, of which several historical buildings and monuments still remind us.

Houses were only built after 1860, while before that time there were gardens and open green spaces which carried the name of plantage, Dutch for plantation.

Wertheim Park

The only park that is left in the city centre borough is situated along the water of the Nieuwe Herengracht and is popular for picnics on summer days from where one can watch the many boats go by. The park also features the Auschwitz monument Broken Mirrors from 1993, by Jan Wolkers.

Notable buildings in De Plantage neighbourhood

Portuguese Synagogue 1675

the administrative centre of the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Hollandsche Schouwburg 1892

an artists' society and art gallery at the corner of Rokin and Spui

Diamantbeurs 1911

Spui 15-19, in Art Nouveau style, nowadays a fish and seafood restaurant


Crossroads at Plantage Middenlaan-Plantage Kerklaan near Artis Zoo in the centre of De Plantage

nearby accommodation and restaurants
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Map of De Plantage neighbourhood

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Plantage Kerklaan


Wertheimpark with the Auschwitz Memorial

De Burcht

Burcht van Berlage   1899-1900

Henri Polaklaan 9

Old City Centre

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