old city gate from 1840 built in neo-classical style

Haarlemmerpoort on Haarlemmerplein is officially called Willemspoort (William's Gate) but is never called so in the city. The gate was opened in 1840, when King William II entered the capital through this gate a day before his inauguration.

This 5th city gate in the direction of Haarlem was built to collect city taxes on imported goods. It marked the start of the journey to Haarlem, which was a major trading route.

Currently, this iconic building houses a café and restaurant.

place Haarlemmer Houttuinen 549, Amsterdam Centrum        
tram 5 Eerste Marnixdwarsstraat   directions_bus 18 21 22 Haarlemmerplein   local_parking Willemspoort

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