Amsterdam Nieuw-West

the westernmost neighbourhoods of the city

The residential neighborhoods of Amsterdam Nieuw-West, with almost 156,000 inhabitants (2018), were built after the Second World War. It consists of the city districts: De Aker, Geuzenveld, Nieuw Sloten, Osdorp, Slotermeer, and Slotervaart.


The Opstandingskerk, built in 1956, also known as De Kolenkit, is a remarkable church with a 48 meter high bell tower


The residential neighbourhoods of Nieuw-West (New West) are also known as the Westelijke Tuinsteden (Western Garden Cities).

In the centre of this westernmost borough is the Sloterplas Lake, which is surrounded by the Sloterpark.

De Opstandingskerk (Revival Church) - nicknamed 'De Kolenkit' (coal scuttle) because of the shape of the tower - is one of the most eye-catching and well-known buildings of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. It was built in 1956 by architect Marius Duintjer.


The architecture is not beautiful, like the Amsterdam School, but functional and extremely sober, with endlessly repeated identical houses. The architect Van Eesteren didn't think that was a problem, on the contrary, he thought that it would give a nice and quiet atmosphere.

Amsterdam Nieuw-West is often in the news as one of the most problematic districts in the Netherlands, with problems such as poverty, unemployment, youth gangs and crime.

Most of the inhabitants in Nieuw-West are of foreign (mainly Moroccan and Turkish) origin.

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The Social Hub   Slotermeer


XO Hotels Couture   Slotervaart

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San Lok

San Lok   Slotervaart

de stijl

De Stijl   Nieuw Sloten


Le'moene   Slotervaart

more impressions of Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Sloterplas Beach in summertime


Daily street market on Plein 40-45 in Geuzenveld


Osdorp at the Lake Sloterplas

de7deugden beer tasting room

De 7 Deugden 

Friendly brewery run by people with disabilities next to the Molen van Sloten.
Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 14 to 19


Colourful balconies of an apartment block in Osdorp


Modern residential building in De Aker


Aerial photo of Sloterplas

appel Exhibition

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Too?  

Solo exhibition by artist and activist Patricia Kaersenhout at De Appel


Geuzenveld street scene


New Kit - a striking, white and leaning residential tower and hotel   photo: Carlos van Onna