Explore Dutch Museums with a Museum Card

the cheapest way to explore Amsterdam museums when you stay for a longer period

Museum Card   Museumkaart

The Museum Card is a personal pass to enter more than 400 Museums in the Netherlands! It is valid one full year and it costs €59.90 (€32.45 up to 18 years of age) + a one time starting fee of €4.95. A cheap way to explore Dutch museums, and every time you wish to!

The Museum Card is not only valid for museums in Amsterdam but also in the rest of Holland.

How to order?

It is quite easy to purchase, you have only to fill a form and the card is immediately yours, together with a leaflet explaining the card's advantages and the museums you can enter for free divided per province.

In Amsterdam itself, 44 museums are included within the Museum Card:

* ARTIS Groote Museum  * Allard Pierson * Amsterdam Museum * Amsterdam Pipe Museum * Anne Frank House * Cobra Museum  * Cromhouthuis  * Czaar Peterhuisje  * De Appel  * De Hollandsche Manege * De Nieuwe Kerk * De Oude Kerk * Diamond Museum Amsterdam * EYE Filmmuseum * Fashion for Good Museum  * FOAM Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam * Grachtenmuseum Museum of the Canals * Het Scheepvaartmuseum * Hollandsche Schouwburg * Huis Marseille  Museum for Photography * Huis Willet-Holthuysen * Joods Museum * Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam * Luther Museum * Max Euwe Centrum  * Micropia  * Multatuli Museum  * Museum Geelvinck * Museum Het Rembrandthuis * Museum Het Schip * Museum Ons' Lieve Heer Op Solder * Museum Tot Zover  * Museum JAN  * Museum van de Geest | Outsider Art  * Museum Van Loon * Museum Vrolik * National Holocaust Museum  * NEMO Science Museum * Portuguese Synagogue * Royal Palace on the Dam * Rijksmuseum * Stadsarchief Amsterdam City Archives * Stedelijk Museum * Tropenmuseum * Van Eesteren Museum  * Van Gogh Museum * Verzetsmuseum  Dutch Resistance Museum

Where to buy?

The Museumkaart can be purchased online via: www.museumkaart.nl  (only people living in Holland can order the Museum Card online)

More practical for tourists is to purchase a temporary Museumkaart at one of the bigger museums. It is valid for 31 days. To use it longer (for the rest of the year), you will need to register the card online.