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Excursions by tuktuk, the three-wheel taxis imported from Thailand

As of August 2007, Amsterdam visitors now have another option for getting around the city. Tuk Tuk Company has introduced a fleet of 20 "tuk tuks" -- or traditional Thai taxis -- to service the central Amsterdam area.

These open-air (but covered), motorized vehicles offer a fun, unique way for travelers to get around Amsterdam and can be significantly less expensive than a cab. The tuktuks can accommodate up to three people at a time.

How to book a tuktuk?

They can be called or flagged down in the street.
Phone number: 0900-9933399 (€0.55 per call)


Rates for the tuktuks are based on city zones and the number of passengers: One passenger traveling within one zone pays €3.50. Two passengers, one zone: €5.00. Three passengers, one zone, €6.00. Each extra zone: €3.00 - regardless of the number of passengers.

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