Amsterdam Sights

Main shopping districts and routes

To make shopping in Amsterdam even more practical for you, we have indicated the main shopping areas on a map. You can choose from 6 shopping routes.

Must-see shopping
in Kalverstraat

Fun shopping
in the Jordaan

in PC Hooftstraat

Art/Antiques Stores
in the Spiegelkwartier

Flea market
at Waterlooplein

at Albert Cuyp Market

In the various routes the most interesting and unique shops are described. If you want to take a rest, or if you feel like a bite to eat or something to drink, that is no problem. There are plenty of pubs, lunchrooms and restaurants along the routes. We have listed a few recommended ones in the box.

Each route starts at Dam Square, Go to to the main square in the very centre of the city. Many shopping streets lead off this square.


Stylishness in PC Hooftstraat

Slijterij de Ooievaar

geneva and liquor store
A. van Wees distillery

Albert Cuyp Market Antiques Shopping Route Must-see Shopping Route Must-see Shopping Route Antiques Shopping Route Must-See Shopping Route Must-see Shopping Route Waterlooplein Shopping Route Jordaan Shopping Route Jordaan Shopping Route