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Amsterdam is a city of museums with lots of great exhibitions and events. Find out what's on when you will be in Amsterdam.

EYE Film Institute 21JAN2017-07MAY2017

Béla Tarr - Till the End of the World

an exhibition that is a cross between a film, a theatre set and an installation

Cobra 04FEB2017-14MAY2017
CoBrA Museum Amstelveen

Enrico Baj: Play as Protest

playful and colourful, but at the same time a sharp critique of society and of those in power

The Ravestijn Gallery

Philippe Braquenier - Palimpsest

digital technology is not the solution but a new issue to resolve

stedelijk museum 03DEC2016-21MAY2017
Stedelijk Museum

De Stijl at the Stedelijk

Part of the 100 years of De Stijl program, artists and architects around Van Doesburg, Mondrian and Rietveld.

Van Loon 03MAR2017-29MAY2017
Museum van Loon

Turkish Tulips

British artist Gavin Turk examines the trading route of the tulip from Turkey to the Netherlands

Marseille 11MAR2017-04JUN2017
Huis Marseille

In Egypt

Travellers & Photographers, 1850-1900

Foam Photography Museum

William Eggleston – Los Alamos

iconic images taken on road trips through the southern states of America (1966-1974)

Joods Historisch Museum 23JAN2017-11JUN2017
Jewish Historical Museum

Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita

his best works of birds, exotic animals, plants and flowers from a largely forgotten graphic artist

Joods Historisch Museum 27JAN2017-20JUN2017
Beurs van Berlage

Leonardo da Vinci - Artist - Inventor - Genius

In addition to reproductions of Da Vinci's most famous works, the exhibition includes dozens of wood reconstructed inventions.

Museum Jan van der Togt 14APR2017-09JUL2017
Museum Jan van der Togt

Micky Hoogendijk - Through the Eyes of Others

sharp iconic images reflecting the concealed vulnerability and beauty of people

Tassenmuseum Amsterdam 11MAR2017-27AUG2017
Tassenmuseum Hendrikje
(Museum of Bags and Purses)

It's a Men's World

exhibition about the man, his world and his bag

De Nieuwe Kerk 14JUL2017-27AUG2017
De Nieuwe Kerk

Journey in Time. History & Royalty

Experience the main events in the history of De Nieuwe Kerk, right where they took place.

rijksmuseum 17JUN2017-17SEP2017

Small Wonders

figurines, miniature altars, prayer nuts, monstrances, skulls and other memento mori boxwood pendants featuring religious scenes

hermitage 04FEB2017-17SEP2017
Hermitage Amsterdam

Romanovs & Revolution

story of fashionable St Petersburg and the art in the early 20th century, of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra and their final years

Tropenmuseum 31MAR2017-31DEC2017

Body Art

exhibition about body modifications across time and cultures. Why do people alter their body?

vangogh 06OCT2017-07JAN2018
Van Gogh Museum

The Dutch in Paris: Breitner, Van Gogh, Mondrian

What attracted Dutch artists to the capital of France in the 19th century?

amsterdam museum 13OCT2017-18FEB2018
Amsterdam Museum

Govert Flinck and Ferdinand Bol

retrospective exhibition about 2 important and successful master painters of the Golden Age

hermitage 07OCT2017-28MAY2018
Hermitage Amsterdam

Dutch Masters from the Hermitage

On display are over 63 works by 50 painters of the Dutch Golden Age acquired by the tsars for the collection of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg

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