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a selection of over 100+ centrally located hotels in Amsterdam, ranging from cheap to luxury.

€   Cheap hotels

Discount or low-budget hotels, often offering rooms with & without facilities or located just outside the city centre - cheapest hotel category
            • Cheap Class Hotels in Amsterdam up to 75 euro

€€   Budget hotels

Good, simple 1 star or 2 star hotels with a standard interior. Cheap and affordable accommodation close to the the city centre of Amsterdam, sometimes offering rooms with shared facilities
            • Budget Class Hotels in Amsterdam up to 125 euro

€€€   Mid-Range hotels

3 star or 4 star omfortably furnished middle class hotels with own bath- or shower facility, often boutique or design hotels
            • Standard Class Hotels in Amsterdam up to 150 euro

€€€€   First Class hotels

first class top quality hotels with extensive facilities and good service
            • First Class Hotels in Amsterdam up to 250 euro

€€€€€   Luxury hotels

5-star hotels with excellent facilities and service
            • Luxury Class Hotels in Amsterdam over 250 euro

The maximum prices mentioned are average rates for a standard double room per night.
The average room rate in Amsterdam is 194 euros per room per night (2016).

The hotels mentioned on this website are special for the ambiance, location, service and more! The hotels have been personally reviewed by the editors of this website. We pre-selected the best for our listings. This site is independent from hotels, chains or other parties concerned.

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