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Bluff yourself into the best hotel room → 9 Tips

Even if you don't have enough money to spend a night in a luxury hotel, you can still find the best hotel room. You only need to know the anatomy of hotels and a good share of bluff. Read our 9 tips below.

  1. Internet
    Don't expect that you'll find the best deals on the Internet. Call always the hotel to check if it can be cheaper. Make sure you're really talking with the hotel and not with a call centre. Usually you can only agree on a different price when you talk with the hotel itself.

  2. Monday
    Hotels are almost never fully booked on Sundays. Choose for Monday instead of Friday if you're going away for a long weekend. There will be a better chance to get a special offer.

  3. Check in
    Check in between 3 and 5 pm. At this time most of the rooms are available, as previous guests have already checked out while business travellers will check in only after office hours.

  4. Basic 'standard' room
    Each 'standard' room is different than another. Ask the hotel for the best room in the 'standard' category. Hotels rarely get such requests. They will might think that you work in the travel industry or that you are an experienced traveller and they will give you with fear the best room.
    Corner rooms are often the best. They're more spacious and have more windows. They are usually also quieter. Or try to get a room with a nice view. This is more important than an extra desk which is often seen in a luxury suite. If you're not sure whether to pay more for a luxury suite, ask the hotel receptionist to show you the different rooms.

  5. New wing
    Many hotels have in addition to a beautiful rustic main building also a cheerless modern extension. Ask if you stay in the old part when booking the room. Ask also if there are any renovation activities in the hotel and make sure that your room is as far as possible from it. Avoid also the floor above or under the floor with the activities.

  6. Nuisance
    Noisy neighbours can distract you if you're working, taking business calls or meeting with clients in your room. This tip speaks for itself but is often forgotten. No matter how great it is to have a hotel with swimming pool and fitness centre, it is no bit of fun if they are on your floor. From early morning till late at night hotel guests will walk past your room. It's also not recommended to book a room opposite the lift.

  7. Complain
    Finally, complaining makes sense. Feel free to complain when you are not pleased with your stay! Stay always polite. If you have a good reason to complain (nuisance, curtains cannot be closed, dirty bathroom), you will often get an upgrade.

  8. Complaining afterwards is worthwhile
    A letter is more effective than a phone call. Collect evidence. Take a picture of the lousy state of the room and mention names of persons with whom you've already talked about it. You will often get a voucher for a next stay or another attention.

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