Bike Tours

go for a bicycle ride and explore the city

Rent a bike and discover the city by bike. Or book one of the many guided bike tours and learn more about Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

Bike Tour in Amsterdam

Explore the typical Dutch countryside by joining a guided bike tour

Guided bike tours

Prices are for Adult (13 years and older) and Child (under 13 years) and include bike rentals.

Tour Duration Organisation Price
Big City Bike Tour   3 h Yellow Bike €29.50 / €14.75
Countryside Bike Tour     25 km / 15 miles 4 h Mike's Bike Tours €32
Amsterdam's City Bike Tour   2 h SANDEMANs €22
Amsterdam City Bike Tour   3 h Fine Cycling €49
Amsterdam Historical Bike Tour   3 h AmsterBike €26.50

Although the cycling tours are not very strenuous, a reasonable level of fitness and biking skills are necessary to join them.

Rent a Bike

Compare prices and see which bike rentals are near your hotel

Avoid Walking on Bike Paths

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