Rent a bike and discover the city by bike.

Or book one of the many guided bike tours and learn more about Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

Bike Tours

go for a bicycle ride and explore the city

Bike Tour in Amsterdam

Explore the typical Dutch countryside by joining a guided bike tour

Guided bike tours

Below prices include bike rentals.

Tour  directions_bike Duration Organisation Price
Windmill, Cheese & Clogs Tour   4-5 h Joy Ride €35 / €30 info_outline
Big City Bike Tour   3 h Yellow Bike €29.50 / €14.75 info_outline
Countryside Bike Tour     25 km / 15 miles 4 h Mike's Bike Tours €32
Amsterdam's City Bike Tour   2 h SANDEMANs €22 / €6 info_outline
Luxury Group Bike Tour   2 h Fine Cycling €25
Amsterdam Historical Bike Tour   3 h AmsterBike €27.80

Although the cycling tours are not very strenuous, a reasonable level of fitness and biking skills are necessary to join them.