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Westerkerk (Western Church)


In 1669 Rembrandt van Rijn was burried here in a rented grave. The exact location of this grave is not known. On the occasion of the three hundredth anniversary of this birth, in 1906 a commemorative plaque was placed on the northern side of the church, closed to the place where Rembrandt's son Titus was burried.


The main organ was completed in 1686. It was built by Duyschot and in 1727 expanded by Vater. In 1992, Flentrop restored the organ as much as possible to its original state.

The paintings on the doors of the organ case are by De Lairesse. On the main doors there are depictions of King David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant and of the Queeen of Sheba visiting King Solomon. The smaller doors show music instruments which have become a rarity. The choir organ was built in 1963 by Flentrop and restored in 2000.

Westertoren (Western Tower)

With its 85 meters the Westertoren is the tallest tower in the city. The tower owner is not the church community, but the municipal government. This applied to all all 17th century towers, as they served particulary as observation post for the fire brigade.

Local Amsterdam people call the tower soothingly the D'Oude Wester (The Old Wester). Its characteristic carillon (set of bells) are made by the Hemony brothers and dates back to 1658. Amsterdam has as much as 4 carillons of the Hemony's, clearly audible from the Oudekerks- (Old Church), Zuider- (Southern Church), Munt- and Westertoren (Western Church).

How to get there?

By tram: 13, 14 or 17 stop Westermarkt
By car: nearest car park Europarking

Westerkerk Amsterdam
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Prinsengracht 281
Amsterdam (Jordaan)

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* The church is open for visitors from April-October.
** Church services (in Dutch) are Sundays at 10:30.


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