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August in Amsterdam

 August facts 
  • Many events and festivals take place during this month.
  • Many tourists are strolling the streets.
  • Hotels are usually full to capacity. Make your reservations in advance.
  • Mild temperatures and long days.

 August Festivals & Events 

August 5, 2016 | 11th edition
Drag Queen Olympics
the world's premier Drag Queen sporting affair. Drag queens are taking part in events including the Handbag Throw, the 100m Stiletto Sprint and the Limbo.

Drag Queen Olympics

August 4-6, 2017
Amsterdam Gay Pride / EuroPride
one of the biggest and most special gay prides around the globe! With street parties all weekend long, the best club circuit parties and of course the famous Canal Parade on Saturday.

Amsterdam Gay Pride

August 13, 2016 | 22nd edition
Dance Valley
The biggest and most popular open air summer dance festival in the Netherlands. Location: Spaarnwoude recreation area, just outside of Amsterdam. Free buses available from Amsterdam.

Dance Valley

August 12-28, 2016 | 26th edition
De Parade
a travelling circus full of performances, theatre, dance, magic, art and music of all kinds.

De Parade - Martin Luther Kingpark

August 12-21, 2016 | 18th edition
The Prinsengrachtconcert, sponsored by Hotel Pulitzer, takes place each year on the celebrated pontoon outside the hotel. The Grachtenfestival "grew out" of the Prinsengrachtconcert 10 years ago. The festival organises smaller scale concerts in houses and monuments in the historical centre of Amsterdam and, as of 2006, along the banks of the river IJ too. The festival includes chamber music, "in-house" productions, master classes, as well as boat trips and walks of architectural, historical and cultural interest for adults and children alike. Classical music, water and architecture are the elements out of which the Grachtenfestival is composed.

Grachtenfestival and Prinsengrachtconcert

August 26-28, 2016 | 42nd edition
Jordaan Festival
A big street festival, with loads of music performances on stage, drum bands, a flea market and auction. At Westermarkt many bars and a big stage are set up, where mostly Amsterdam and Dutch bands and singers perform.

Jordaan Festival

August 26-28, 2016 | 39th edition
Opening event of the cultural season in Amsterdam, with free previews of upcoming theater, cabaret, musical and concerts at outdoor and indoor stages.


May 5-September 11, 2016
Vondelpark Open Air Theater
Free dance, music and cabaret performances in the park's band shell.

Vondelpark Open Air Theater

Friday nights (July-September)
Outdoor film performances at Vertigo
Traditionally the Filmmuseum and Cafe Vertigo offer open air screenings on the terrace in the Vondelpark after sunset during summer Friday nights.


whole August
BovenNEMO ("above" NEMO)
Every summer, as if by magic, NEMO transforms the roof into a city beach, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the sun and catering facilities. The most beautiful view of Amsterdam. Great for kids.



Trendy city beach next to the RAI in the south of Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid), with several lounges, table tennis, table football, restaurant and a German-style Biergarten next to the water.

July 1-August 31, 2016 | 28th edition
Robeco SummerNights
Annual festival in the Concertgebouw, considered as one of the finest concert halls in the world because of its highly regarded acoustics. All concerts are low priced and the atmoshphere is informal.
Robeco Zomerconcerten Amsterdam

April-October, 2016
Electric Tram Museum Amsterdam
Go back in time with a ride on a historic tram from Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Vienna or Prague.


Tram Museum

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Festivals & Events

Temperature in August
Average high: 22°C   72°F
Average low:  12°C   54°F

Sunrise-Sunset in August
August 1:    6:01 am - 9:33 pm
August 31:  6:50 am - 8:31 pm

Museum Agenda

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Vondelpark in August

Sitting in the Vondelpark and watching passer-bys is an ideal way to spend a lazy summer day.

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