Amsterdam by Car

driving and parking tips for traveling by car to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the sort of city where you don't really need a car at all. Nearly everything you require is likely to be on walking distance from your hotel.

Amsterdam's public transportation system is excellent and will take you to all the sights and attractions of the city.

Amsterdam has many Park & Ride offerings that are definitely worth using. They're cheap and efficient, and save you from navigating the busy centre.

Cyclists have priority on most roads in Amsterdam, so be particularly vigilant around them.

Plan your route in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is surrounded by the ring road A10. The S-routes indicate the city routes that guide motorists into the city centre. Each exit of the ring road A10 is numbered, from S101 to S118. The S-routes offer automobile traffic the fastest and most direct way into the city.

Parking in Amsterdam

P+R = Park and Travel

The easiest and cheapest way to park your car in Amsterdam is parking at one of the P+R locations on the outskirts of the city, and travel into town by a fast public transport connection for free.

Car Parks

On-street Parking

Entrance roads to Amsterdam

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